We offer project and change management as well as the provision of interim functions to our clients for a specific time period. Our service provision as interim managers include Customer Service, Sales Support Service, Sourcing & Procurement and Supply Chain Management. Our objectives as project and change managers are to achieve excellent project delivery according to the defined time and budget plan. Precisely, we define realistic prospects and distinct goals of our client`s project. Those will be managed and evaluated during the course of the project and if needed altered. The progress of the project will be continuously communicated, the workforce will be included in our work with a view to learn and facilitate the process of transformation. Our ambition is to obtain clarity, to communicate the benefits and urgency of the project as well as establishing reliance.

As managers of evidenture we know how projects get managed successfully. We have already proven our capabilities and know-how as project and interim-managers for our clients in industrial companies, service companies, health care sector and in trading companies. PROGRESSING YOUR COMPANY.