26.02.2020: E-Invoicing talk for the company Seeburger

Topics are EDI, WebEDI, XRechnung, ZUGFeRD & global E-Invoicing. Many companies just focus on the implementation of E-Invoicing but forget about the digitalization of earlier performed processes like E-Ordering. Matthias Heiting, managing partner of evidenture, is giving a lecture on the topic “What comes before E-Invoicing? E-Ordering!”

24.02.2020: Evidenture is going to lead the course “practical consulting” (class of Entrepreneurship) in cooperation with the university of Südwestfalen during the summer semester 2020. At the location Meschede, Students will be working as consultants in order to develop a business-offering. The goal is to analyse data to generate a value for the selected company.

04.07.2019: Explaining digital resolutions. PROGRESSING YOUR KNOWLEDGE.

Evidenture and a team of seven highly motivated students of the dual college of Baden-Württemberg (faculty of economy, course of international business) jointly developed a research project on the topic of digitalization within business processes during the summer semester 2019. The goal was to analyse what kind of Order-to-Cash-processes are applicable for a digital usage and how to execute them. Now, it`s our task to analyse the outcome. Soon we will present the final result.

04.07.2019: Acknowledged as interim-manager. PROGRESSING NETWORKING.

We are delighted to be announcing evidenture as a member of the Dachgesellschaft Deutsches Interim Management e.V. ( DDIM is known for the official acknowledgement of the profession and interests of the interim management sector.